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Urban Agriculture

Organic Gardening Program at MCIW

Organic Gardening Program at MCIW

As part of our program to integrate inmates in research, we are providing opportunities for inmates to carry out horticultural activities both inside and outside the prison grounds.

Inmates at the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women (MCIW) took on a new organic gardening program in Spring 2013. With support from the National Science Foundation, a greenhouse was construction inside the Maryland Transition Center (MTC) in Baltimore.  Here, inmates learned to grow plants and started vegetables for spring planting during the winter months.  Efforts in this facility complement greening activities that take place outside the fence in West Baltimore.

Specific Activities Include:

  1. Inmate designed and constructed greenhouse, heated with compost
  2. Composting program at MTC
  3. Installation of raised garden beds
  4. Training in Horticulture by Baltimore City Master Gardeners

    MTC Horticulture Graduation 2015