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Advice on Phone Interviews

Phone interviews can be tough – basically, employers are vetting you to learn if they want to bring you in.  I have found that when on the phone it is hard to try and get at a person’s personality.  Think about it this way – if you have two people that provide that same answers, the more conversational person will come across as more “interviewable”.  Keep in mind they are probably sitting down and doing the phone interviews all today.

As for the questions – they are trying to get insight into what you wrote and how you view the position.  They probably have a list of questions ready for you.  As with any interview, be sure your answers are not “canned” – that they relate to the job they are advertising for, not just a general faculty job.  So, your research into their department, program, etc is very important.  Why do you want to work for them, not just in academia.

I find that there are basically two types of applicants – those come across that they are applying because they need any job, and those that want our job – very different ways of interviewing.  The latter, obviously, is a much better way to go.  Statements that start off with “In looking at your program, I…..” are very revealing.  Educated responses are well-recieved.