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Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

Swan & Catia Domingos

Swan & Catia Domingos

Charles Wahl (MS, 2016)
Macroinvertebrate Consumers: How Communities Assemble, Are Structured, And Their Role In Ecosystem Processing
* Pursuing a PhD at LSU

Anna Johnson (Ph.D. 2015, NSF IGERT Trainee)
The ecology of urban vacant lands: human-mediated local versus regional control on plant community assembly
* NSF Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh

Joe Bieberich (M.S. 2013)
The independent and interactive roles of spatial variation and dispersal on zooplankton metacommunity structure
* currently employed at the Maryland Department of the Environment

Haley Martin (M.S. 2012)
Effects of disturbance and a dominant consumer on stream community assembly: experimental and observational evidence

Cátia Domingos (M.S. 2012)
Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
co-advised with Dr. Cristina Canhoto
Effect of temperature and presence of a dominant shredder (Allogamus laureatus) in the variability patterns of macroinvertebrate assemblages associated with decomposing leaf litter

Jennifer Li
(M.S. 2011)
The Role of Elevated Dissolved versus Foliar Nitrogen on Leaf Litter Processing in Stream Ecosystems

Robin Van Meter (Ph.D. 2011, NSF-IGERT Trainee)
Road Salt Runoff: The Relative Contribution of Direct and Indirect Effects in Pond Food Webs
*Faculty member at Washington College

Josh Jones (M.S. 2008)
Interactions Between Riparian Forest Restoration and Tree Biodiversity on Litter Breakdown in Stream Ecosystems
*Ph.D, University of Alabama

Carrie DePalma (M.S. 2008)
The Influence of Eastern Hemlock Decline on Organic Matter Processing, Invertebrate Community Structure and Consumer-Resource Interactions in Streams

Undergraduate Interns

Anna Haley (2017)
Sarah Hutchinson (2017)
Grace Dai (2016-2017)
Abeeha Fatima (2016)
David Saavedra (2014-2015)
Darryl Wise (2014-2015)
Steven Pearce (2014)
Briana Diacopoulos (2014)
Alicia Peters (2012-13) * MS, Cornell
Jennifer Hughes (2012) * employed at American Rivers
Katherine Brundrett, (2011-12)
Edson Chavez (2010-11)
Noah Lefcourt (2010-11)
Haley Martin (2009-10) * MS, UMBC
Chris Madden (2009-10)
Catie Iacovino (2009)
Kaitlin Coolahan (2007-08)
Aubrey Hillman (2007-08) * PhD, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Rebecca Reeves, NSF-REU (2007-08) * pursuing MS, Iowa State
Arvind Shantharam (2007-08) * pursuing PhD, Univ of Florida
Kayleigh Somers (2007-08) * PhD, Duke Univ.
Megan Gluth,(2006-07) *co-authored publication
Andre Felton (2006-07)
Courtney Horne (2006-07) MS, Texas A&M, *co-authored publication
Aaron Stoler (2006-07) * PhD, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Crystal Healey (2005-07)
Ryann Williams (2004-07) * MS, Univ. of Florida
Ramya Ambikapathi (2004-07) * PhD, Johns Hopkins Univ.
Gwen Stanko (2006) * MS, UMBC
Moncie Wright (2006) * pursuing PhD, Baylor Univ.
Peter Bogush (2005-06)
Corrie Maxwell (2005-06) * MS, Virginia Tech
Michael Dunbar (2005-07) * pursuing PhD, Univ. of Iowa
Lie’Ann Van-Tull (2004-07)* JD, Univ. of Baltimore
Denise Everhart (2004-05)
Carrie DePalma (2004-05) * MS, UMBC, co-authored publication
Heather Lhamon (2004-05)
Benjamin Healey (2003-04) *co-authored publication
Kara Barnes (2003-04)